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Three Gorges Dam GPS terminal integrated application system

Three Gorges Dam GPS terminal integrated application system


17-inch LCD-in-one design


Simultaneous digital and voice communications capabilities


Automatically receive information from monitoring center


Send dam transit application report


Display detailed information on specified area or point

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Can specify time, distance, and region information through CDMA / GPRS and other communications networks, such as 

automatic reports of vessel dynamics; sending frequency can be defined by user or monitoring control center.


Simultaneous digital and voice communications capabilities.


Automatically receive and display real-time control center information, such as image files, text files etc. 


Information includes: chamber gears map, dam transit scheduling,alarm information, various commands, messages, etc.


Automatically send the vessel’sreal-time dynamics to monitoring center when receiving instant position calls.


Receive parameter instructions frommonitoring center; automatically set navigation parameters.


Automatically receive early warning information from monitoring center and displayed on screen with alertvoice prompt; shall not refuse to accept the relevant information fromcompetent department.

Receive information and alerts concerning nearby vessels from monitoring center.


Can send / receive SMS messages to / from monitoring center.


In case of communication failure, dynamic data retransmission function to restore communications.


Can send messages to other vessels via monitoring center.


Can organize and manage information and messages.


Manual emergency alarm function.Alarm can only be cleared by monitoring center operators.


Sailing accident report: When accident or emergency occurs, report can be sent through CDMA/ GPRS communications network to the monitoring center.


Automatic recovery capability forsoftware fault and system remote maintenance & updating function, convenientto reboot system/device.


Fully adjustable screen brightness and contrast ratio.


Voyage management function, including sailing records, course design, route selection, route display and shielding; routes modification & deletion;vessel’s track record & playback


Automatic alarm in case of shoals,wrecks, danger zones, etc.


Can switch between kilometers and nautical miles.


Full electronic chart display for inland waterways.


Can measure distance and direction between any two points on the chart.


Can display detailed information on specified area or point.


Can receive updated information and charts from monitoring center such as EP document or CD data; achieve automatic update of chart data


Perimeter crossing: When entering the specified perimeter, the vessel will automatically contact the monitoring center to report its position and frequency.


Manual report of perimeter crossing: When the ship reaches the specified perimeter, manual confirmation message can 

be sent to the monitoring center.


Send dam transit application report, scheduled reports, etc.


Vessel dam transit reports: manual popup report on the vessel filled by the format, filled in by the format control center 

(lock debugging system) will send the vessel voyage dam transit report (request), and save for future reference.


AIS connection port to display AIS information for locality, course, speed, surrounding vessel information, call signs, etc.;achieve AIS target‘s dynamic track, informationqueries, CPA calculations, collisions avoidance alert.


Can receive monitoring center broadcasts about vessel traffic, weather forecasts, local anchorage areas, dam lock information, etc.