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NT-2000 Navtex Receiver

NT-2000 Navtex Receiver

8-inch color TFT LCD display, daylight-viewing, with

screen sleep mode
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High-end model, fully compliant with IMO resolution MSC.148(77), IEC.

61097-6 Ed. 2 and EU type-approved (Wheel mark) for SOLAS vessels.

8-inch color TFT LCD display, daylight-viewing, with screen sleep mode.

Simultaneous reception of 518 & 490 kHz or 518 & 4209.5 kHz.

Displays SAR messages in red, clearly distinguishable from other warning messages.

Selectable background colors and text font sizes.

Receiver operation externally controllable via INS device.

Single preamplified whip with sharp passband filters for outstanding IMD rejection.

Interfaces with optional serial printer (PR-900) via printer port.