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FX-330 Weather Facsimile Receiver

FX-330 Weather Facsimile Receiver

8-inch stationary thermal head printer for odorless

printout and long service life.
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8-inch stationary thermal head printer for odorless printout and long service life.

Housed in compact, sturdy ABS plastic cabinet for bulkhead mounting.

Synthesized receiver covering all LF- and HF-band facsimile broadcasts without tuning.

Wide dynamic range front-end with optimized bandpass filters for outstanding immunity against severe interference.

All currently active WMO-registered radio facsimile frequencies preprogrammed.

200 user-programmable memory channels, ready for newly assigned frequencies.

Automatic start/stop, framing, IOC selection and scan rate for unattended operation.

Timer function for automatic reception of desired transmissions only, saving paper.

High gain whip-type active antenna supplied as standard for limited space installation.