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7 inch Marine GPS Navigator/Plotter

7 inch Marine GPS Navigator/Plotter

7-inch LCD-in-one design


Designed for embedded installation, countertop installation


Elegant and stylish


Suitable for mounting with multi-angleadjustment


Sealed waterproof casing

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7-inch 800X480 (WVGA) resolution; LED-backlight; high brightness; deep color; wide viewing angle.


The navigation real voice broadcast.


Detailed large range chart and more efficient chart refresh.


Dynamic real-time plotting of all AIS targets and motion vectors.


Easy upgrades via U-disk; Easy installation of SD card and SIM card device.


Elegant and stylish; waterproof design.


Unlimited backlight adjustment; comfortable night usage patterns.


Multiple installation angles: flush mounting or mounting with multi-angle adjustment.


Wide range voltage design; input voltage between 10-36 volts DC.


Large-capacity memory; comprehensive Asia charts; large storage capacity for waypoints, markers, 

and plan routes.