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7 inch Automatic Identification System(AIS)

7 inch Automatic Identification System(AIS)


Approved by The China Classification Society (CCS)


High Light,Wide Visual Angle,LED Backlight Display


IP64 Waterproof Design,Stability  of Structures


The Chinese Speech Synthesis prompt


Support AIS Chinese SMS Voice Broadcast


Voice Prompt Bridge Warning,Safe and Reliable


Encoder wheel operation, more convenient to use

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7”TFT LCD with 800X480(WVGA)resolution, LED backlight, wide angle of view.


Encoder wheel operation, more convenient to use.


Fully satisfy the technical standards for CLASS B AIS, IEC62287-1, IEC60945 ed4.


Wide range voltage design; input voltage between 12-40 volts DC.


Smooth backlight adjustment, excellent readability.


Installation: flush mounting or desktop mounting.


Elegant and stylish; waterproof design.


Text-to-speech broadcast.


Dynamic real-time plotting of all AIS targets and motion vectors.


Waypoints, routes can be copied by USB disk or SD card.


Dial wheel for quick operation.


Compass-intuitive interface; support range measuring; easy to modify or delete beacon lights.


Can store up to 200 plan routes, 10,000 waypoints, 500,000 points, 10,000 markers.


Detailed navigation information for major international ports; regular charts and software upgrade with free of charge.