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1.If your product does not work very well in normal use conditions, please contact the dealer for timely assistance

  and warranty repairs. (Please provide unit's serial number)


2.In the warranty period, Please present product's warranty card to the dealer for free warranty repairs.


3.In the warranty period, the following 5 conditions do not apply to free after-sales maintenance.


  ①  Without product warranty card, or no more details information on the warranty card, such as the date of

       purchase, product model and ID and so on, or the warranty cards' contents have been altered. 


  ② Cosmetic damage, such as scratches, nicks and dents.


  ③ Product damage caused by abuse、misuse or by other human factors, or service performed by anyone who

      is not an authorized service provider of XINUO, or altered without permission.


  ④ Damage caused by inappropriate transportation, such as fall on the floor or into water.


  ⑤ Damage caused by fire, flood, earthquake, struck by lightning or other acts of nature or external causes.


4.Safely keep your warranty card which is required as the proof for free warranty repairs, lost will not get replacement.


5.Warranty card is use for product warranty repairs only.


6.To obtain warranty service, contact your local XINUO authorized dealer or call XINUO after-sales support center:

  400-8868-592 for supports.