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1、Device can not boot.

A: 1) The positive and negative power supply reverse polarity may cause the device cannot boot, to check whether the device is correct polarity connection.


   2) Check the power line is well connected or not, and make sure it connected tightly.


   3) Abnormal power supply leads the device cannot boot, you can re-select power supply (suggested voltage range is DC18-36V). 

2、Keyboard is invalid.

A: Keyboard control chip burnout, data loss, keyboard port oxidation leads invalid, you can replace the keyboard and operate it again. 

3、Without speed, direction data or ship position do not move

A: Check the GPS antenna is damaged or not, replace the antenna. Install the antenna at an appropriate location to avoid obstacles around or be covered (away from antennas of radar, fish finder and radio intercom) 

4、AIS ship information cannot be displayed.

A: 1)The cable is faulty or inappropriate connected, need to replace the data cable and reconnect it.

    2)The input signal is in opposite polarity, you can change the connection polarity (exchange 7 feet and 8 feet)

    3)Check whether turn off the AIS ship information display function, you can reset the AIS display options. 


5、Device without voice prompt.

A: Volume adjusted too low, you can increase the volume.


6、Track cannot be saved

A:Check whether selected the track on option, if not, please press track key on the keyboard; no more track storage space also cause track cannot be saved, please delete some no used tracks record.


7、Chart displayed not in details.

A: Ensure to turn off the submarine obstacle, cable, oil and gas pipeline, navigation marker line, boundary line options, and turn on the display switch; if caused by less detailed version of the chart, please upgrade the version.


8、Speed instability, low speed sailing the speed display as zero.

A: Adjust speed, direction filter, speed, reasonable adjust heading, whether the low speed filtering is turn on, ensure it turn on.