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Be passion, be professional, be innovation and beyond, be cooperation to win-win --- we will move forward.


We insist the philosophy of people-oriented management, and committed to create employee a comfortable, passionate and competitive environment.


We motivate personal initiative and creativity, encourage employees constantly to beyond self.


We insist to build up a cooperative, understanding and take responsibility’s team. We strengthen the sense of belonging and try to make personal and team's vision fully fusion.


We prefer employees can appropriately to balance working pressure, so we arranged coffee break time and table tennis relax area to ensure employees have a refreshing break time to keep their efficient job.



We firmly believe that realizing the value of the company is based on create personal value. To provide and create learning environment is our longtime insistent policy. In addition to the professional knowledge and skills training, we also encourage employees to continuously improve their foreign language skill, we have invited Xiamen University foreign teacher help us established English corner and done some management skills training.