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Marine GPS Navigator Fission machine

Marine GPS Navigator  Fission machine


High-capacity storage


Standard VGA interface


High-precision GPS receiving module


Dual-core processor architecture, convenient and efficient


Detailed chart data 

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Can record up to 6000 waypoints with 8 kinds of symbols & colors; can input waypoint coordinates by cursor directly on the screen or via keyboard; easy to modify and delete waypoints coordinates.


Can record up to 6000 points with 24 mark symbols& 8 colors; input marker coordinates via cursor and keyboard.


On-screen cursor or keyboard used forroutes planning, modification or deletion.


Alarm alerts can be activated for dragging anchor, deviation from route, or arrival at destination.


Can specify color and spacing of track points; can remove irrelevant track points.

Can measure distance between any two points on the chart. 


Navigation information display, such as Quick View charts, tidal information, calendar information, etc.